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A Little Bit About Me

People ask “Why BEAVERCreative?”

It all started with an old boss of mine that would write Beaver instead of Bauer as my last name on my checks.
I tried to fight it, but it caught on too fast. After many years I have come to embrace this nickname and use it to brand my work.


Who is BEAVER?

Here is my life so far summed up in a couple sentences.

Born on a  cold day in the 1980′s my brain was quickly filled with more pop-culture than one person should ever endure. As a child I always had an interest in art but never considered it as career option. During high school I excelled in photography and art classes so I decided to take multiple art and digital drawing classes in community college. After years of the grind and the economy at a low point I decided to return to my creative side by going back to school for a career in graphic design. Spending 4 years on the west coast where I attended the Art Institute of San Diego – California I interned at multiple advertising agencies ranging from large to small working on the smallest print projects to worldwide brands. In 2011 I graduated top of my class with highest honors and student of the year with a BS in Graphic Design. Upon graduation I was accepted to the Masters in Design program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, but funding prevented me from going at this point. Now my main focus, effort and creativity to working here in Buffalo changing this town one design at a time.



Career Outlook

Words that can change your life

Being a creative person I’m always torn between conforming to the corporate world where I’m paid to produce someone else’s vision versus protecting the spirit of my creativity by always trying something new and fresh. I find comfort in listening to other creative people speak about this same issue. Kevin Smith tells a story in his Q and A sessions about the advice the Wayne Gretzky’s father would give to Wayne as a small child practicing in the back yard. He would say “Don’t go where the puck is, be where the puck is going to be”. This rings true not just in hockey, but in everything we do in life. Live in the now, but look to the future and create what is not being done yet or else you’re just chasing the puck.

“Don’t go where the puck is, be where the puck is going to be”

– Walter Gretsky