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In Case Studies

By Beaver

Lakeside Sod Website

On 02, Aug 2012 | No Comments | In Case Studies | By Beaver

Custom Designed CMS Website.


This project was different than most, while the client had a substantial amount of content the problem was it had to be organized. The client also needed an update of the entire brand of the company including logo, color choices and overall look and feel. While this site was designed from the ground up it also needed the ability to continually grow with the addition of new products and services.



A fully custom CMS website was created to fit the needs of this client. The site has a styling that completely incorporates the new brand identity of the Lakeside Sod company. A new logo was developed with a more modern look. This idea was carried through the design of other elements of the site from the custom footer with a vector sod patch to clean professional photography. While this site will not be launched till end of this summer, you can already see the drastic transformation of the company’s identity. This is better seen by viewing the design of the site before and after.


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